ECS Tilemap Editor

Our new easy to use ECSTileBrush is powered by the Data Oriented Tech Stack (DOTS) and Entity Component System (ECS).

As an extension of Unity's Tilemap, you will enjoy current functionality such as painting, erasing, and animating your tiles with the speed of Unity DOTS.

Build large seamless maps for your players to explore. Quickly load your Tilemap in any scene.

Easy to use

Animated Tiles

Flood Fill

Paint and Erase

Box Fill

Select and Move


To have your tiles loaded and visible at runtime you will need to load the TilemapData scriptable object, get the TilemapRendererRuntime System, then call LoadTilemapData. The following is an example of this process.

You could use the LoadTilemapData method to load new levels or maps in your game. It will also clear out any existing entities from the previously loaded map data.